Who are we?



We are a bunch of friends that know each other for a lifetime. We happen to share very diverse expertise – in medicine and biotechnology, education, sustainable development, human resources, and more.

But that is what make us THE PERFECT TEAM!

What brings us together is the passion for nature and natural products. We believe there is nothing better than a life free of synthetics and all sorts of chemicals. What is more – we are confident that such life is absolutely possible, even in our so much “industrialized societies.”

Today, almost all cosmetic products are entirely formulated with synthetic ingredients. The reasons for that vary from “it is easier to formulate,” “it keeps the cost low,” “the shelf-life of the manufactured goods is longer,” “the consistency, the reaction, and the behavior of a product can be easily predicted.”

Unfortunately, for whatever of the above reasons, even naturally labeled cosmetics contain a good number of synthetic ingredients.

And yet, we care for 100% natural skin care products that are well-produced and highly efficient!

We truly believe that nature gives us her best and we can safely and effectively create with her help our food, clothes, and why not our skin care products?

Why did we start PhytoEssence?

Simply because we know how to create well-performing natural cosmetics, because we can, and because we are passionate about it.

Formulating with synthetic ingredients is simpler and tempting as it is usually clear what to expect from each one.

Formulating with only naturally derived ingredients is a real challenge since every plant extract and oil has a complex structure and may demonstrate various and different properties.

So, a few years ago, we started formulating natural cosmetic products for ourselves and some close family and friends. It was a passion and a hobby, and our goal was to match the quality and feel of the top rated commercial brands.

We used only naturally sourced ingredients and no synthetics at all, but most importantly, we did a ton of study. With more than ten years’ experience in technical positions in pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, we knew what it takes to achieve efficient and well-performing products:

An extensive research and a lot of trials!


Every single product we have made grew out of that philosophy. And while we wanted to assure high-quality goods by trying them personally, no animal was used during that process. We firmly oppose to animal exploitation, and as a European company, we comply with the European regulations which ban testing on animals.

We decided, eventually, to create a company – PhytoEssence Biocosmetics – so we can make our products available to a larger group of people who would rather use natural ingredients than to experiment with their health, using synthetics.

We have a reliable experience with the complex structure and innumerable properties of various natural ingredients. We know how to combine them properly, and we excel in formulating high-quality cosmetic products.

We just listen to your skin, and we deliver!



About Phytoessence

Maintain your skin healthy, and it will reward you with beauty!

We created PhytoEssence as a reflection of our passion, devotion, and expertise in natural skin care.

We have chosen our name – meaning the life force of the plant – as we are confident that the best ingredients are those deriving from nature.

We believe that beautiful skin is a healthy one and nothing could be more beneficial to you than the gifts of nature.

We also believe that good things come in good packages. We use airless bottles and glass droppers for our products so they can preserve their excellent quality for a longer time and you can enjoy them in complete safety.

Cosmetic products are often offered in containers that suggest the use of a hand. No matter how “natural” such an application may look, it adds to the bacterial contamination of the products, and that is the usual reason for lowering their cosmetic performance. We try to avoid that at any cost.

We are highly dedicated to what we do –  to provide efficient and safe, natural products with no artificial, synthetic chemicals, colorants, or fragrances. We use pure, highest quality herbal extracts, natural oils, and essential oils obtained only from sustainable agriculture.

Do not expect, though, to spend a fortune on our products. Manufacturing goods labeled as natural or bio has, somehow, gained the fame of an expensive industry. People think they are supposed to pay more for the exclusivity of both service and products.

Nevertheless, we consider everyone worthy for such treat. Benefitting from nature is a right of everyone! That is why we keep our work in reasonable ranges and do not unnecessarily overprice our products – they are 100 % natural and highly efficient but most importantly – they are very accessible!

The Luxury IS affordable. With us.

We believe that our expertise and understanding of the complex composition of the natural ingredients, their properties and interactions are what makes PhytoEssence’s skin care products unique!

We care. We know how. We provide


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