About Our Company

We have dedicated our efforts to produce EFFICIENT and SAFE natural skin care that aims to meet the specific needs of the different skin types. 

As a Slow Cosmétique awarded brand, we create our products with great respect for the human and the environment, using 100% NATURAL INGREDIENTS derived entirely from SUSTAINABLE AGRICULTURE.

Our vision

There is no universal cosmetic product that can meet the needs of every skin. In search of the perfect skin care, we often resort to complex procedures involving many products that we put on our face layer after layer.

However, we believe that the key to radiant and healthy skin lies not in the complex procedures and layers of innumerable cosmetic items, but in the use of a few specialized products, carefully selected according to the specific skin types and conditions.

We established PhytoEssence Biocosmetics in 2016 with the utmost desire to facilitate your skincare routine by offering personalized and fully functional cosmetics, scientifically based on the knowledge of the different skin types and their requirements.


Our mission

Our mission is to create natural, ecological and ethical skincare products adapted to the different skin types and conditions. We are driven by the simple and yet the only meaningful purpose we know – to offer the right product to the right individualLife is easier and more enjoyable when your personal needs are met.

Our Team

We are convinced that teamwork is the key to success. That is why in our company we take decisions together and act only after complete consensus.

Each member of the team contributes to the brand according to their expertise and capabilities.

PhytoEssence Biocosmetics_Team