The Slow Cosmétique Award is independent of any pre-existing “organic” label.

It doesn’t want to play the role of these “organic” labels or replace them. The award is another way of guiding consumers towards products and services registered in a global approach committed to a sounder beauty, the Slow Cosmétique approach.

Inspired by Pierre Rabhi we like to say:

“A cosmetic being organic isn’t enough to change the world, the company offering it must be committed or innovating in the right direction!”

The Free From Skincare Awards aim to celebrate the best in ‘free from’ skincare products — cosmetics ‘free from’ some of the many ingredients which consumers need or want to avoid, be it due to health issues, skin allergies, ethical concerns, environmental issues, religious sensibilities, personal preference, or other reasons.

The BSB Innovation Award, brought to life by BSB`s founder Dr. Jan-H. Riedel in 2003, aims to promote the global dissemination of up-to-date knowledge.

BSB has the ambition to support the industry in an optimum way and is therefore working in a close cooperation.

Personal statement Dr. Riedel:

“In these days where nationalism is regaining strength, science and research are able to preserve and build bridges. The BSB Innovation Award is willing to have its share in this.”

Awarded products:

Face Cleansing Cream-Stick for Dry Skin

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