Create your own cosmetic products that perfectly matches your skin needs

By blending our oils and creams, you can create enhanced cosmetic products with additional benefits for your skin. You can also design a combination that perfectly matches your skin type and needs.

It is quite simple: just mix 1-2 drops of your preferred oil with 1-2 pumps of your favorite cream. Stir together in your palm just before applying onto the skin.

What is good about combining?

We have created two lines of skin care products: Advanced Hydration and Advanced Anti-Age. The products from the series are formulated differently:

 – Advanced Hydration products are designed to increase the moisture levels of your skin and keep them high for extended period of time

–  Advanced Anti-Age products are formulated to efficiently fight the signs of aging helping to reduce the fine lines

For superior results, you can blend together cream and oil from the same line. If you aim to provide your skin with additional benefits, you can freely combine products of different series, as well.

You could also pick and mix them following your aroma preferences. You are your favorite fragrance’s personal creator!

With such a variety of options at your disposal, there is nothing left but to grab the chance and design your unique and luxury product that would perfectly match your skin needs.

You can go for:

Advanced Hydration + Advanced Hydration


Advanced Hydration + Advanced Anti-Age


Advanced Anti-age + Advanced Anti-Age


whatever your heart tells you to do.


Good to know: Buying oil and cream together, you get free delivery in Europe!




STEP ONE: Add 1-2 pumps face cream in your palm.

STEP TWO: Add 1-2 drops treatment face oil over the cream.

STEP THREE: Gently mix the oil and the cream together with your finger. Apply to your skin with slow circular motions until fully absorbed.

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