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That MAGICAL Avocado Oil

Avocado oil benefits | PhytoEssence Biocosmetics

Avocado Oil is extracted from the fruit of the avocado plant. It is obtained from the avocado pulp after drying and cold pressing (and in that it resembles the extraction of the Virgin Olive Oil).

Avocado is widely used in culinary as a super food but lately, more often is added to cosmetic products due to its skin moisturizing and nourishing characteristics.

Avocado Oil contains predominantly oleic acid, some palmitic acid and far less essential fatty acids, which makes it very stable oil and suitable for dry skin.

It is absorbed into the skin relatively slow, creating an oily layer on the surface preventing the moisture from escaping.

Avocado Oil has an average comedogenic rating – what makes it better moisturizer than coconut oil. However, when used alone, it may clog the pores and cause acne. It is generally recommended for very dry skin, and people with oily skin are better to choose different oil.

When Avocado Oil is combined with other suitable oils in a well-balanced formulation, it contributes to superior moisturizing and emollient results for soft and radiant skin.

We recommend Avocado Oil to be used in combination with other plant and essential oils for maximum benefits. When Avocado Oil is used in a relatively small amount, combined with other oils, it can benefit even oily skin contributing to the skin’s oil regulation. 

The unrefined and cold-processed Avocado Oil contains sterolin, which facilitates the softening of the skin and reduces the incidence of age spots.

That oil is also an excellent addition to natural soaps, making them less drying and with milder feel.

Avocado oil is also very beneficial for hair growth as we learned from Hair Loss Revolution and can reduce hair loss.

All our natural soaps contain Avocado Oil!

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