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Beta Glucans – the Perfect Anti-Aging Active Ingredient

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1. What are Beta Glucans?

Despite their somehow pharmaceutical sounding, Beta Glucans are a form of soluble fibers, extracted from the cell wall of oat kernels. Their Latin name is Avena Sativa, and that is what we would call the Whole Oat in our everyday life.

Beta Glucans were well known to the healers of the past who used Oat and its derivatives to cure different skin conditions, such as irritations and inflammations. In modern skincare industry, Avena Sativa has recently gained its (well-deserved) place among the powerful anti-aging ingredients for natural and bio cosmetic products.

2. What is special about it?

The body doesn’t have a natural way of producing Beta Glucans. They usually appear as cellulose in plants and cereal grains, in oats, mushrooms, and baker’s yeast.

It had been assumed that the molecular size of Beta Glucans was too large to penetrate the skin and they were long time used only as a film-forming moisturizer. Nevertheless, recent research shows that they have much more potential in enhancing the effects of an anti-aging beauty routine.

It has been discovered that Beta Glucans have a quite smart manner of action – they literary copy the way water would penetrate a brick wall. Beta Glucans work through the intercellular lipid matrix, or the cells’ cement, to enter the lower levels of the skin. So, pretty much like water, they do not go through the brick but go through the concrete binding the bricks together.

Because Beta Glucans are able to work their way through the intercellular matrix and get to the lower skin levels (where, in fact, wrinkles are formed), they have a great impact on the reducing of wrinkles and prevents their formation.

Beta Glucans’ mechanism of action is working through the stimulation of collagen synthesis and that makes them the perfect anti-aging active ingredient.

3.Benefits of Beta Glucans

Beta Glucans penetrate deeply into the skin tissues and deliver advanced topical benefits, such as:

Anti-inflammatory effect



Locking in natural moisture


Beta Glucans help to relieve itching and pain and help to heal minor wounds.

Some of their well-known benefits are related to the reducing irritation and inflammation of the skin, as well as to speeding the healing process of damaged tissues. 

Lesser known benefits are their ability to reduce sun damage and partial thickness burns.

When applied topically, Beta Glucans may help to reduce wrinkles and promote anti-aging.

Top 7 benefits of Beta Glucans | PhytoEssence Biocosmetics


Beta Glucans are multi-tasking ingredients that have multiple properties and applications in body and skin care.

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