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What You Need To Know About Natural Skin Care Efficacy

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Myth 1: Natural skin care is simple to produce

Not really! Skin care products of natural origin are often more complex than the synthetic ones.

Myth 2: Natural skin care is equal to DIY

No, again! Mixing few expensive oils at home after reading a DIY blog will doubtfully create an efficient natural product. The oils are very complicated to work with as they are composed of a large number of fatty acids and other molecules that may behave differently on your skin or in combination with other ingredients. An effective skin care product is the one that brings visible and sensible benefits to your skin. A natural and efficient product should bring similar benefits with no risk of harm.  

Natural – Effective – Safe

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Not everything we call natural is effective or safe. A good example for unsafe “natural skin care” with adverse reaction is mixing baking soda with coconut oil and call it natural deodorant.

First, it is not natural as 98% of the baking soda is synthetic, and second, it is a strong irritant with a harmful effect on the skin.

Combining several popular and expensive natural oils with well-described skin benefits over the blogs will not automatically create an effective skin care product, neither. It may be safe in most cases but not necessarily efficient on the level of the professional skin care products.

Creating an effective natural oils combination requires a deeper knowledge of their composition and properties. Things, such as fatty acids profile, comedogenic ratings, skin penetration ratings, antioxidant characteristics and so on, are a must to know basics in order to create a product with a pleasant feel and desired effect. (A good example of a common mistake, for instance, is using coconut oil on acne prone skin.)

Formulating natural skin care is a science often more complicated than making conventional cosmetics.

What can go wrong with formulating natural cosmetics?

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Blending inappropriate essential oils for their described skin properties will not always deliver the desired efficacy and fragrance. Some essential oils with amazing skin properties have a less appealing aroma. However, with the broad range of available essential oils today and the knowledge of their composition, we can achieve quite astonishing natural fragrances.

Natural preservatives may not be as potent as the synthetic ones and that, in fact, reduces the shelf life of the products. Nevertheless, more and more, newer and better generations of natural preservatives have appeared.

To compensate the weaker preservatives in natural skin care, we simply need to use higher quality containers, like airless containers, which prevent the product’s exposure to the environment.

There is, also, a slight difference in the skin feel and fragrance. Natural skin care products are made with natural ingredients sourced from nature, and it’s impossible those to be the same every single batch.

That reflects, to some extent, on the final product, where there might be slight differences in the product appearance and feel but not in its efficacy!

Now you know why the large cosmetic companies avoid formulation exclusively designed of natural products, right?

What is great about the natural cosmetics?

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Earth-friendly: Products made of conventionally produced ingredients can have a negative environmental impact. When natural products are washed out, they don’t persist in the water and earth and don’t have a harmful effect on nature.

Safety over time: Many conventional skin care products may cause irritation after prolonged use or overdosing due to the synthetic fragrances, silicones, emulsifiers, and preservatives. Natural products remain safe and efficient as long as you use them. In certain skin conditions, natural skin care can be more effective even than the so-called medical cosmetics.

Long-term effectiveness: Some conventional products seem to work better on the first try, because of the specific molecules in them that improve the skin feel. However, over a long-turn use, they will not improve the skin health and integrity and will not have long lasting effect. On the other side, the natural skin care products contain essential molecules for the healthy skin function, and with extended use, the results become better and better.

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Giselle Stewart

Nice article. I am feeling so glad that you care about nature and you understand its importance. I must say that Nature is the best gift that God has gifted us. I like all your points for using natural products, why we should go for it. Thank you so much for sharing.


I really enjoyed to read this article. Thanks for sharing.